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good morning. an early morning fire at a popular san francisco restaurant. and the sailing community is grieving the loss of a veteran sailor. we'll tell you what we have learned about him, the investigation, and what happened today as the future of the america's cup is decided. we are live in mountain view where police need your help catching two con artists that are approaching people at banks. also more gunfire outside of a little league baseball field in vallejo. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning may 10th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark.
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first we go to steve. is my hair going to blow in the breeze? >> steve, you need my extra hold. [ laughter ] that would be our lead story, i think. dave has a good point. there is pretty good wind up in the higher elevation. a lot of low clouds and fog too. here is sal. steve, southbound 101 connector to eastbound 80 they are still clearing that injury crash. if you are trying to get on to the bay bridge eastbound don't use the central freeway. you should go downtown and get on the ramps there. also we are looking at the commute on san mateo bridge and that looks okay. now let's go back to the desk. a popular restaurant in san francisco will be shut down for awhile because of an over night fire. it happened at the forbes island restaurant around 3:00 this morning. the firefighters had ha tough time putting it out since you can only get to the restaurant by boat. it features under water tining
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rooms and located right where the sea lions gather. the owner of the restaurant was there when the fire started. the cause of the fire that is still under investigation. our continuing coverage of a sailor killed while training for the america's cup. a high-tech 72-foot catamaran tipped over yesterday during a practice run. winds clocked at 20 miles an hour. all 11 crew members of the team were tossed into the cold waters. rescuers frantically pulled everyone to safety. one sailor was trapped under the boat for about ten minutes. efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. claudine wong is on treasure island this morning with how the death will impact the upcoming america's cup races. claudine. >> reporter: that is still unclear. but there is an 11:00 press conference that will be held by the race organizers.
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we should hear more about what will be next for the artemis team. we are on treasure island because i want to show you behind the fence is a dry dock area. that is where they are keeping the catamaran as they try to piece together what happened. now this all happened yesterday afternoon. this is a 72-foot catamaran and it flipped during a training run. 36-year-old andrew simpson and 11 others were thrown into the water. simpson may have been trapped up to ten minutes. oracle saw the crash and called for help but they were not able to save simpson. these boats are designed to push limits and their two hole design can cause these boats to flip. >> when you do that on a boat of this power and size, the result can be a lot more difficult or catastrophic. >> simpson was regarded as an
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expert sailor. he moved his wife and infant son to the bay area just for this race. in terms of the race we mentioned the press conference later this morning. race organizers will be there as well. certainly a lot to talk about. what happens next as the america's cup race set for the summer moves ever closer. live here on treasure island claudine wong. >> our coverage continues well on our website at we posted more information about the racing career of andrew simpson. you can also see unedited video of the boat recovery operation. you can look for the bay area news tab right on our front page. new information on the story from vallejo. police are investigating another shooting near a little league baseball field. it happened last night. police say they found blood and several gun casings on a treat outside of that ballpark.
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you may remember back in april there was another shooting in the parking lot of that same baseball field. police in mountain view want your help this morning in their investigation of a fraud case. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us live now top show us the sketches that police are hope willing lead to an arrest. janine. >> reporter: we'll show you those sketches here shortly. i want to tell you the scam happened here outside of this chase bank. now the suspects were targeting people who knew spanish and had access to cash. police want you to take a good look at this latino man and woman depicted in these sketches. the man pictured here approached the victim and told him he had won the lottery and needed help collecting the winnings. the female suspect who also spoke spanish approached the victim as well and had the
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woman go home and -- now once the suspect received the cash and jewelry, police say they fled in are newer black ford suv. >> it is very surprising. usually this is a secure area. >> reporter: the first suspect is described as a latino male in his 20th. 5'7", 150 pounds with short black hair. the female suspect is described as being in her 30s. also latino. 5'2" tall 190 pounds with long black hair. if you recognize either of the people pictured in these pictures, police would like you to give them a call.
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reporting live from mountain view janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. there is new questions surrounding the abrupt resignation of howard jordan. he said his decision to step down was due to concerns over his own health but ktvu news has learned he was suddenly called to a meeting at city hall. immediately after that meeting chief jordan sent out an e-mail to the police department announcing his decision to resign. jean quan has launched a nation-wide search for a new police chief. they include immediately improving and expanding the police department's investigative unit to tackle the many unsolved crimes this oakland. the team also says oakland must
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do a far better job at discovering hot spots. dividing oakland into five separate districts to improve the city's overall crime fighting effort. later today president obama will use a mother's day theme to benefit the white house to rally public support for his health care reform law. he will highlight how women will benefit from the law. coming up the political concerns some democrats have about the affordable care act. let's check in with sal. look at traffic. any problems we should be aware of? >> i think we are off to a decent start. i would give it an a minus for now. let's take a look at what we have with the roads. 80 westbound coming in from vallejo and berkeley. not a bad drive. there are no major problems if you are driving at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. the traffic also does look good. we've had some crashes. we did have a crash in san francisco. southbound 101 to east 80 but that is being cleared. kind of a tough spot. if you want to get on the bridge eastbound i would go down to the city street onramps. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. north or northwest breeze. even out to the delta gusting to 26. that is a pretty good little delta breeze in place. some of that little cloud deck coming down. but the higher clouds to the left and right but not over us. high pressure is building in but there is just a big fog bank out there. it will be a warmer pattern. a little bit today than more so over the weekend. there is too much fog on the coast. 60s and 70s and 80s. low 80s today and mid to upper
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80s. 50s on the temps. novato is 50. fairfield 51. walnut creek at 50. sfo, half-moon bay. san francisco, santa rosa. livermore at 53. there is a pretty good little west wind in place. as long as that is in place, it's tough to warm up too much. it does look a little warmer attainder. a little warmer for some today but not for others. 30s up in the mountains. 40s and 50s to 60s. finally rebounding southern california. morning fog maybe a little mist and drizzle. i think low 80s will suffice. 50s and 60s coast and bay. just a lot of fog. san jose 71. san mateo 67. giants and the atlanta braves continue i would bundle up. 58 tonight. warmer weather for the weekend
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but then cooler pattern early next week. time now 5:10. the boy scout's controversial plan on gay boy scouts is back in the spotlight. what will happen today to support one local scout just weeks before a historic vote. a couple aboard a cruise ship in australia disappears. the search that has just been called off this morning. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:13 is the time right few. new this morning police in
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australia have called off the search for two missing cruise ship passengers. they were first discovered missing yesterday after the carnival spirit cruise ship docked in sydney. they just returned from a ten day trip to the south pacific. footage falls the couple falling off the ship wednesday night. carnival says it's not at fault. the crews line says the railing was two inches higher than industry regulations. the next phase of the jodi arias murder trial has been postponed until next week. the jury was scheduled to return to the courtroom yesterday to decide whether arias should be sentenced to life in prison or given the death penalty. she said she would preferth death penalty. the jury will resume
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deliberations on wednesday. time is 5:14. down loadable instructions on how to make a plastic gun on a 3d printer have been taken off of a website after the state department demanded it. the online instructions could potentially have given anyone access to a 3d printer on how to make a plastic gun. more than 100,000 copies of the plan were down loaded before they online before they were taken off. in a couple hours from now president obama is launching a new effort around his health care reform efforts. ktvu jacqueline fell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us who the president is targeting today and why. >> reporter: with mother's day approaching a white house official tells me the president will promote popular parts of the law centering around women and children. such as the provision that
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allows children to stay on their parents policy through age 26. he will also discuss benefits to women under the plan including birth control and free cancer screenings. the president will if joined by women and families that the white house says has benefited from the law. people will enroll in new coverage options later this year. many worry that it could turn into a train wreck and threaten them politically in 2014. so the president will try to calm those fears and really rally the public around the law while fending off another challenge from republicans. what they are planning when i see you next. reporting live in washington jacqueline fell ktvu channel 2 news. later on today supporters of a gay boy scout will gather for a big rally outside of san francisco city hall. last fall ryan fulfilled the requirements to become an eagle scout but he was told he would not be getting his coveted
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award because he is openingly gay. concerts at the america's cup pavilion will only happen this summer. operators have made a voluntary agreement with neighbors that if they host 30 concerts this summer, they would not apply to host shows at a similar sen view for the next ten years. it comes after many neighbors brought forward concerns about noise and traffic. speaking of traffic. that means sal. i know it's early. but you feeling friday light? >> it could happen. it's still light right now. will it be light in two hours? we'll see. let's take a look at what we have now. the traffic is doing well. i would say right now this qualifies. westbound bay bridge looks good. some days sometimes on fridays people work from homes or maybe they work for long days and
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take friday off. we'll see if that happens. the traffic also looks pretty good on interstate 880. what usually ruins things unfortunately is when there is a crash. that's what happens when we are here. if you are driving in hayward, that traffic looks okay. at 5:17 let's go to steve. >> work from home? >> i know could you imagine? >> not at yahoo. [ laughter ] got rid of that. we to have a big fog bank out there. there might be local drizzle. add a little bit of mist. mist or drizzle made a friday appearance on my windshield. yes, he did pamela. not a lot but a little bit there. low clouds are in place. and with that it's really tough to warm up when we get a west wind at 26 miles an hour. but there are signs high pressure is building in. the key for me this time of year you look for them at sfo and travis.
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that is tough to warm up. we will go about 48 degrees warmer. some of the biggest would be ukiah and gilroy. the usual suspects. but i think coast and bay have to wait for the weekend. it does look warmer over the weekend. look at the lows. down to low 50s for many. foggy, cold. add that west wind in place and there is a little friday chill here. and the west wind everybody is in on the party here expect san jose. that is a cooler direction for them in this pattern. west oakland. west sfo. go west. low clouds and fog. it looks like they will retreat a little sooner. high pressure is building in but it's not that strong yet. 30s to 60s from tahoe down to palm springs. beautiful palm springs. overall look for the fog fore treat down to the coast. today west wind in place. higher elevations. more of a wind than a breeze. 50s and 60s to 70s and very low 80s. right at gilroy there.
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68 fremont. 68 mountain view. giants and atlanta braves tonight. 58. it's been a cool couple days in san francisco. i think it will be very cool and breezy tonight. morning fog on saturday and burning off much sooner. overnight asian markets posted gains after japanese stocks jumped to their highest level in five years. that is after the dollar hit a four-year high against the yen. markets in china, hong kong, and australia all up in response to news that u.s. unemployment claims hit a five- year low last week. pretty good day indicated this morning. the futures are all up for the dow. the nasdaq and the s & p. that follows small drops declines yesterday for all three of our major indexes. but right now all the european stocks are up. there was some good news for investors in the electric car maker tesla. tesla sored 24%.
5:21 am
ktvu got an up close look at the tesla model s. it earned a score of 99 out of a possible 100 in a magazine test. and the tesla s is manufactured in fremont. >> i need you to get me one of those. >> i want one of those. time now 5:20. an alligator becomes a crime fighter. a man on the run from the law ended up in the jaws of an alligator. and the annual list of the most popular baby names. ./ú =/v8s
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chp trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol played a role -- it happened on sonoma boulevard ramp at about 7:30 last night. the chp says the driver narrowly missed an suv and hit a sign before crashing into concrete pillars. the driver also had to be cut out of that car before being taken to the hospital. there has been a huge jump in property crime in the bay area. crime statistics compiled by the bay area news group said there is one burglary or theft every four minutes. that is due to a 17% jump from 2011 to 2012. in all there were more than 261,000 property crimes in the bay area five biggest counties in the past two years.
5:25 am
i'm a little nervous standing next to that. police in florida says a man on the run from the law ended up in the jaws of an alligator. it happened after they pulled over a toe-year-old man for a traffic violation. he ran away and hid inside of a waste water plant but that is where he came face to face with an alligator. police are thanking that alligator for helping them do their job. >> he did help our situation. if the alligator had not bitten him or attacked him, he may not have ended up in the hospital and may not have found him. >> the young suspect is facing charges of resisting arrest along with several traffic charges. the california coastal commission has approved installing new soccer fields in golden gate park. the decision means the san francisco parks can replace the soccer fields near the beach
5:26 am
with artificial turf and add lights for nighttime play. environmentalists and community groups says it could harm wildlife and effect water quality. the soccer groups say it will triple the amount of playing time at the sight. the social security administration released the list of the most popular baby names for 2012. sofia is the number one pick for girls. emma is second followed by i beth. for boys jacob is top pick. mason, e ethan, noah, and william. i think i know kids by all of those names. >> very popular names. >> they are. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. that looks pretty good.
5:27 am
hello steve. >> hello sal. >> how are you? >> i'm doing very well. we have a lot of low clouds in place. rather windy coast and some of the hawaiier elevations out to the delta. it will be a little warmer but that is away from the coast. pam. >> thank you, steve. coming up on 5:30. putting the finishing touches on an iconic power. there is a live picture of what happened in the last hour as the world trade center in new york city. a music festival expected to draw thousands this weekend has some neighbors fuming. we're live where a tent city has also gone up. and remembering the sailor killed while training for the america's cup. how the death is the latest in a series of accidents marring the upcoming competition. look at 'em.
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welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. yes, it's friday may 10th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's 5:30. it sounds like it will be a nice weekend for mom. >> the big difference is in temps. the coast has really been socked in. inland areas have been breezy. today we are bumping those highs up. for some it has been really foggy. we do have warmer weather during the weekend. steve, westbound high 4 is looking pretty good coming up
5:31 am
to the willow past grade. the traffic also looks pretty good on the golden gate bridge southbound. now let's go back to the desk. at an 11:00 news conference this morning americas cup organizers are expected to announce the main races in september will continue as scheduled. that is despite the death of a british sailor. he was training on san francisco bay yesterday afternoon. their 72-foot long catamaran flipped end over end trapping him under the boat for ten minutes. he was eventually pulled over out of the watt -- pulled out of the water. >> shocking experience to go through. and we have a lot to deal with in the next few days in terms of assuring everybody's well being.
5:32 am
the san francisco police team will also handle this case. now winds are about 20 miles an hour on the bay. one other crew member suffered minor cuts. simpson by the way won two olympic medals including a gold in 2008 and he leaves behind a wife and baby son. this is the latest accident during america's cup training. last october a catamaran belonging to the team or call -- the tide even dragged pieces of the boat four miles past the golden gate bridge. no one was hurt in that mishap also in june of 2011 an oracle crew capsized due to high winds on the bay. the yacht flipped over but the crew was able to right that poet. in one incident a person did suffer minor injuries. we'll have a live report in the next half hour about all of this.
5:33 am
there are there is also information on our website at we have the racing career of andrew simpson who died. we'll also post unedited video of the boat recovery. in vallejo a police standoff that lasted more than eight hours ended with the arrest of a sexual assault suspect. it started yesterday afternoon at a home on skyway drive. during that standoff, the deputies sent in a robot and police dogs to help the swat officers. after the standoff went several hours, deputies used tear gas to get the man out of that house. he was taken to the hospital after the the police dog bit him. expwhrrchlts happening now a man hunt is under way for an exconvict accused of shooting his wife and two daughters. deputies are going door to door they are are searching for shane miller. they think he may still be hiding in the area.
5:34 am
he is suspected of shooting his wife and four and eight-year- old daughters. residents living in the town were told to shelter in place yesterday after miller's truck was found. miller is an exconvict. he served time on a weapons charge. a memorial is up at the home where miller and her two daughters were killed. family members and friends have left flowers and notes showing their brief. the first ever bottle rock festival begins in napa. tara moriarty is there where some neighbors say they hope this will be the first and last time for this four-day event. >> reporter: some are so mad they say they are leaving during the day. they are taking day trips so they can avoid the blaring
5:35 am
music from the festival. a lot of people say they are simply upset about it because wednesday night there were 10,000 people here and tonight that number could more than triple. some neighbors say it's simply too much. music fans says the atmosphere is a far cry from the all out partying festivals they have been to before. according to one man he said his dishes rattled and nearly fell out of the cabinet. another said it sounded like a train coming by. 35,000 concert goers are expected at the event each day this weekend. it kicked off wednesday. it features more than 60 acts. it ends sunday with the zach brown band, train, and jackson brown. hotels are are booked. so many fans have decided to pitch tents. a couple miles away folks are camped out at skyline park. we were there before we came
5:36 am
here. the massive field is owned by the state but a local camp owner is operating the site. a tent city of sorts has sprung up. we will load out there when the sun comes up. and aside from the noise and parking find out what one neighbor says is her biggest beef from bottle rockets. today we will learn more about a lawsuit filed against the vallejo police department for a deadly officer involved shooting. that is video from the shooting on june 30th. 17-year-old jared's father is seeking damages for excessive force and wrongful death by the department. the lawsuit claims officers fired several shots despite having louie in the air.
5:37 am
san jose officials say it could be weeks before they decide on raises for police officers. the raises are needed to attract new recruits after a wave of retirements and resignations in recent years. but san jose city officials says the requested raises are more than double than what has been set aside for pay increases. for the second time atlanta gave the aviation. the company filed the lawsuit yesterday. last month it tried to appeal the project but that was rejected. all this comes after san jose awarded the project to a competing company. time is 5:37. happening now britain's prince
5:38 am
harry son the tour of the united states. we are looking at arlington national cemetery. as we watch the soldier standing here this is the area where a service member is killed in afghanistan and iraq since 2001 are buried. prince harry will be coming throughout the united states. he is planning including a tour of storm damaged new jersey. he will be with governor chris christie. yesterday he was at a tea for mothers and grandmothers. prince harry will be coming right here to arlington national cemetery. back here at home bart could be getting ready to get rid of that ban on bikes. bart is scheduled to vote on a new policy later this morning that could allow bikes on trains in a times of the day. however a recent practice project that allowed bikes
5:39 am
during those peak hours actually picked up support from riders. bart is now considering a permanent change in their rules. they are also considering expanding the bike storage space. 5:30 is the time. so far so good, pam. as you mentioned. the of course -- let's it's not really a huge traffic delay almost anywhere you look. aye looking at -- rom toll plaza trying to get into san francisco. if you are. we've beening the now let's go to steve. thank you very much, sal. a lot of low clouds in place. keeping an eye on some of the breeze. wind and some of the higher elevations out to the delta.
5:40 am
it was ramped up pretty good two hours ago. there is still a lot of fog out there. san francisco forecast has been a cool couple of days. should be closer to 63 or 64. last two days the high has been 58. we will go 61 today. 50 and cloudy. fog. had them out in sharp park. warmer pattern will kick in for some today. we'll have anywhere from 60 to 90s for the weekend. but it doesn't last very long. monday looks much cooler. 49 in walnut creek. concord is in there. fairfield. west 18 at firefield. 50 in san francisco. sfo is 51. half-moon bay. overcast for anybody. it's a westerly breeze from sfo to oakland and livermore and even out toward travis air force base. the delta breeze is in place and so is the fog.
5:41 am
it will burn off a little sooner. 30s to 60s on the temps. recovering from that low we had a couple days ago where it was a very cool pattern for the state. morning fog and sunny. westerly breeze though. it will be warmer away from the coast. i really think a lot more upper 70s and a few low 80s. 50s and 60s close to the coast and bay. just too much fog and low clouds. we will get a couple 80s. i would bundle up. it looks a little chill. low clouds 58 and a west wind at 20 miles an hour. extended outlook does have warmer weather over the weekend and cooler early next week. thank you, steve. i want to go to new york the new -- here's the new vid you there. it's the final sections of the spire being installed on the top of the building. take a look at that. the 408-foot spire will eventually serve as a broadcast antenna with a new edition the
5:42 am
tower stands at 1,776 feet. it's now considered the tallest building in the western hemisphere. time is 5:41. you ready for the warriors? they are back at home tonight as they play the spurs and the nba playoffs. series tied one win a piece. their first victory in san antonio since 1997. now if you go to tonight's game in oakland, you will once again get a we are warriors t-shirt. the game starts 7:30 tonight. 5:42 is the time right now. new ray of hope in bangladesh. new video. a miraculous discovery. plus we will show you a very unique protest by teachers in the south by. more on the message they are trying to send and how the school district is responding. good morning. san mateo bridge traffic is
5:43 am
moving along pretty well. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car.
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mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. good morning. plenty of low clouds and fog. most of it is stacked up on the coast. it will be warmer inland. temperatures coming up a little bit. we will get upper 70s and low 80s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you. a popular san francisco restaurant will be shut down for awhile because of an over night fire. it happened here at the forbes island restaurant near pier 41 at 3:00 this morning. this is a restaurant you can only get to by boat. the cause of that fire is under investigation. san francisco police are investigating the cause of yesterday's incident on the san francisco bay that caused an america's cup cath ma ran to
5:46 am
tip over on the bay in a 36- year-old british sailor drowned. organizers of the america's cup will be holding a news conference this morning talking about how the race will continue after this tragedy. and today is the second full day of napa's bottle rock music festival. . some can't wait for it to be over. but those who were attending the festival say everyone is pretty mild. about 35,000 people are expected over the weekend. new this morning a woman has been found alive in the rubble of that garment factory building in bangladesh. 17 days after the collapse. this is new video of the rescuers carefully pulling her out of the wreckage. rescuers say she is in remarkably good shape despite her ordeal. the death toll from that collapse has topped 1,000 people. rescue crews were originally
5:47 am
going to wrap up their recovery operation today but that may change now with that discovery. as two of the three kidnapped women in cleveland, ohio return home supporters continue to celebrate their safe recovery. yesterday friends and family and neighbors gathered for a victory vigil that was followed by a march across veterans memorial bridge. it was held to celebrate the discovery of amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight that had been captive for ten years. more changes could be handed down to the man accused more charges to the man accused of kidnapping and raping those women. 52-year-old ariel castro is facing seven tellny counts. now prosecutors say they could charge him with murder. after michelle became pregnant five times and castro starved and beat her until she lost the
5:48 am
baby. police say castro has admitted to some of the accusations. he's being held on $8 million bail. time is 5:47. the california public utilities commission wants tougher safety regulations. commission members want annual limo inspections and new rules governing how stretch limos are built. jerry hill of san mateo may introduce legislation today where it may require fire extinguishers. a fund has also been set up for the four survivors of the limo fire and the families of the five women who died. donations to the san mateo bridge angels fund can be made at any bank of america branch. the fund was set up by the fruitvale health care center. that is where all of the women worked. he was one of the bay
5:49 am
area's most wanted for several weeks. and this morning former fugitive dimitri storm is in jail. he will face charges in dozens of crimes across seven local counties. teachers at a school in the south bay have come up with a unique way to protest for their district lack of respect for educators. last night teachers held a mock funeral. teachers claim they haven't seen raises since 2007 and the district wants to make cuts to their health care package. >> it's been hard. just the emotional stress on what our future will look like? is my job secure? will i have benefits for my
5:50 am
family in the future? >> the district says they have no choice since they are struggling with a $6 million budget deficit this year. the district has declared an impasse and a state mediator has stepped in. they are hoping to come up with a fair contract when labor talks continue next wednesday. nasa engineers trying to fix a serious problem on the international space station. ammonia is leaking from a radiator. right now there is six people on board the space station including two american astronauts. the crew is not in any immediate danger. nasa is monitoring the situation. they are expected to tell us more information sometime today. right now it's 5:50. we want to check back in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on sal? >> we're looking at the east bay and all kinds of commutes really. but we're looking at the toll plaza. trying to get into san francisco. there is a small delay some of the cash payers are paying a little bit of money. for the most part we are off to
5:51 am
a decent start here. also 237 you can see traffic is busier approaching the turn off heading west over to 101. if you are coming in on the livermore valley, today it's better than yesterday. at 5:50 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. higher clouds are all gone. high pressure is trying to build in. i think it's a warmup for inland areas. it's been a tough couple of days. 50 san francisco. you get a west wind as well. we will go 61 which is three degrees warmer than the last two days. we'll also have to deal with not only a lot of fog but mist and drizzle as well. there is plenty out there. coast and bay could get a little drizzle. low 50s. everyone is in on this. cloudy conditions as well. a westerly breeze from sfo to oakland and out toward the delta. the sea breeze is still in place and a lot of fog.
5:52 am
we'll see that fog burn off sooner. inland areas will warm up. it's a warmer pattern inland. a little more today than over the weekend. i think the bigger jump will be tomorrow. sunday we top it out. monday looks to be cooler. so fog, west wind in place. warmer away from the coast. not much changed by it unless you are down toward santa cruz. but 50s and 60nd coast and bay. 70s inland to a few low 80s. these 80s will continue their theme right into the weekend. it will be warmer away from the coast. cooling begins monday. goes into tuesday. 5:52 is the time right now. happening right now britain's prince harry is on a tour of the u.s.. there he is right now. he's at arlington national cemetery this morning. these are live pictures. you can see he is dressed in full uniform. he is there visiting section 60. right now that is the area where service members killed in afghanistan and iraq since 2001 are buried.
5:53 am
the prince is also planning a tour of the storm area of new jersey with governor chris christie. we wanted to take you there. >> that -- he too has seen active military duty as well >> so there he is in his uniform. time just about 5:53. you may get a chance to own a piece of candle stick park. leading up to the demolition of the landmark stadium a new idea to give fans something to remember and cherish. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
5:54 am
i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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5:56 am
good morning lots of low clouds and fog out there. warmer inland. this afternoon the santa clara county sheriffs office will be honoring those who lost their lives in the line of duty. the ceremony starts at noon another the sheriffs office headquarters. during that ceremony, younger avenue bring north first street and pedro avenue will be closed. the public is invited to attend. 49ers fans may soon be able to take home a reminder of the team's last season at candle stick park. san francisco parks department officials says plans are in the works to sell seats from the stadium. the 49ers have played there since 1971. the giants also played at the
5:57 am
stadium from 1960 to 1999. and it was the site of the beatles final concert in 1966 so a lot of history there. candle stick park will be demolished after they move into their levi stadium for the 2014 season. sal, you have been there once or twice. >> more than once or twice. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic will be busy if you are driving on northbound 280 but not stop and go. the same thing for the sunol grade. southbound 680 traffic looks good passing mission boulevard. let's go back to you at the desk. we have developing news out of san jose this morning. our news crews now on the scene where a van has crashed into a hospital. we'll have a live report coming up. a news conference in a couple hours from now. what is next for the america's cup yacht race after the tragic death of a sailor during a
5:58 am
practice run. .. is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪
5:59 am
good morning. developing news. a van has crashed into one of the bay area's biggest hospitals. we are live on the scene. more information is
6:00 am
expected today in the wake of the death of a veteran sailor in the america's cup training run. we'll tell you what is happening today that will determine what is next for the event. early morning fire at a popular san francisco restaurant. why firefighters had a tough time putting it out. a music festival expected to draw thousands this weekend in napa has some neighbors fuming. we soak to one man who said he could hear the blaring music ten blocks away. this is all when the morning news continues. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning may 10th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic, steve, do we need a jacket or sweater this >> i would. it's chilly out there this morning. inland temps will start to warm up. it's one of the days you start out man it's cool but today it's rather warm. unless you are down

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